“Scott’s L’Organo recital was a highlight. His playing exhibited solid musicianship throughout. We all sat back and enjoyed exemplary performances of both old chestnuts and some less familiar things. You will never hear the two Buxtehude pieces played any better.” Bob Gant, Selection Committee, L’Organo Spoleto Festival, Charleson, SC

“This CD provides an opportunity to hear Kodaly’s Organoedia ad missam lectam, which is the original form of what most of us know as the choral Missa Brevis….The rich sounds of this Skinner organ fit the music exactly, as Lamlein demonstrates, using the entire available volume range. Here one feels the performer is not preoccupied with demonstrating his own virtuosity, as is so often the case, but rather performing in a manner that permits the music to speak for itself….Likewise, two imaginative settings by George Shearing, I Know That My Redeemer Lives and Jerusalem, My Happy Home, are rhythmic, colorful and harmonically innovative and excellently performed by Lamlein.”  The Diapason, July 2008

“Pipes Alive! is that powerful. Scott Lamlein is full throttle behind the massive keys.” Chet Williamson, Arts Editor, Worcester Magazine

“The intent of this recording is to showcase the organ as a “mighty colossus invoking the majesty of the Creator; the plaintive whisper calling upon the still, small voice of wonder.” Scott Lamlein, director of music ministries at Wesley United Methodist Church, presents a program fitting for liturgical worship and ably demonstrating the estimable tonal qualities of E.M. Skinner’s Opus 615. Although additions were made to increase the instrument’s flexibility, they in no way compromise its original tonal integrity. Although not cathedralesque, the acoustics are pleasantly supportive. Lamlein infuses a spiritual, reverent quality to the repertoire. The centerpiece is a brooding performance of the seven-movement Organoedia ad missam lectam by Kodaly, which the composer later transformed into his Missa brevis . Lamlein calls this music “pure musical worship.” J.S. Bach’s Wir glauben all is played with rhythmic energy, bold articulation, and clear registration. Four chorale preludes of Brahms and George Shearing are followed by Durufle’s “Veni Creator” variations. Here Lamlein plays with conviction, infusing virtuosic flair and fire that are synonymous with this music. He ends with an effective, gospel-style setting by John Innes of “The Old Rugged Cross.” The fine playing, repertoire, and marvelous instrument combine for a successful achievement of the performer’s objective.” James Hildreth, The American Organist, 3/07, page 81

“His performance demonstrated the varied qualities of the instrument and at all times exhibited outstanding musicianship. During the concert, he talked wth the audience in an informative and engaging way that greatly enhanced the audience appreciation of the works he was performing. It was an excellent concert.” Dr. Robert P. Eaton, Minister of Music, First Baptist Church, Lexington, MA

“God has truly blessed you with an amazing gift of music. The organ resounded with clarity and precision showing its true colors under your very skillful and resounding hands and feet. Your selections for your inspiring and uplifting concert were wonderful and showed the time and thought in preparation for the evening and the sacred place.” Rev. Francis E. Reilly, Pastor, St. Mary’s Parish, Longmeadow, MA

“Scott’s performance was a thing of beauty! His expertise in using colorful, yet sensitive, registrations, together with his technical skill, held the audience spellbound. His deep spirituality was very evident throughout his performance. The excellent programming left us wanting more. His standing ovation was well deserved!” Nancy Robbins, Director, Music In The West End Concert Series, United Methodist Church of Hartford, CT

“We have had numerous artists perform, but not one has received the acclaim awarded Scott. His connection with his audience was total and complete. His flawless playing aside, Scott’s spoken comments and the sensitive programming made this an afternoon to cherish.” E. Lary Grosman, Director of Music Immaculate Conception Church Easthampton, Mass.

“Scott’s playing of the Bach Prelude and Fugue in D Major was stunning. He brought so much color out of the instruments – especially in the Purvis piece.” Michael-Thomas Gilman, Director of Music, United Congregational Church, Holyoke, Mass.

“We were so pleased to have a concert organist as well-known as Mr. Lamlein come to our church. He is incredibly talented and deeply committed to giving the best performance possible. It was a thrill to hear our organ – now over 110 years old – played as it was meant to be played – with passion, precision, and perfection.” Diane DeFranzo, Music Committee Chair, Unitarian Church, Marlborough & Hudson, Mass.