Best whale watch… ever

These animals, as well as the environment they occupy, are beyond words.  What a massive display of nature’s majesty! I’ve been on a few whale watches over the years, but never one with this much activity – the animals were clearly putting on a show for us.  Couple that with flawless weather and you have a perfect day.

2 thoughts on “Best whale watch… ever

  1. Scott,
    I’ll never forget doing a whale watch 25+ years ago off Provincetown. It was absolutely magical, especially when we came across a mother humpback and her baby. Their playful dance around the boat was captivating (the boat tipping from one side to the other as we humans raced back and forth was somewhat less captivating, but who cared?). Glad you and Andrew shared this remarkable experience.

  2. Great pics! It was just a year ago that we were up there and had a pretty good whale watch as well. Looks as if it was a little more sunny for yours.

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