The right combination

I’m just putting the finishing touches on a new website that has been particularly rewarding to design.  Along with and (the largest playing pipe organ in the world!), the new site for Lawless & Associates Pipe Organ Co. falls right into that category of several of my own passions colliding – pipe organs, music, photography, web design.

Each of these sites has been a collaboration, which is also very rewarding for me. The bringing together of one person’s vision, another’s photos, yet another’s technical ideas, and finally the “pulling together” of all the concepts into something cohesive… all of these puzzle pieces snap together to make a remarkable piece of web real estate!

Best whale watch… ever

These animals, as well as the environment they occupy, are beyond words.  What a massive display of nature’s majesty! I’ve been on a few whale watches over the years, but never one with this much activity – the animals were clearly putting on a show for us.  Couple that with flawless weather and you have a perfect day.

Early morning on the bay

I awoke super-early on Tuesday, and was able to enjoy some perfect solitude on Cape Cod Bay… not to mention some incredible lighting effects!

Hi Sam:

Here is the list of what I think we can offer for processional/recessional and a quiet piece during the ceremony  (have 2 trumpet / organ arrangements of them):

Beethoven Ode to Joy

Campra Rigoudon

Charpentier Prelude to Te Deum

Clarke Trumpet Voluntary

Mendelssohn Wedding March

Mouret Roundeau

Purcell Trumpet Tune

Wagner Bridal Chorus


Bach Bist du Bei Mir / Jesu Joy / Sheep May Safely

Malotte Lord’s Prayer

Franck Panis Angelicus

Perhaps she’d like quiet Bridal Party then a march for Bride (the Jesu Joy – Trumpet Voluntary “cocktail” is my greatest wedding hit!)

Let me know your thoughts, and pass this on to Cora if you wish.  BTW- can you pass on her email address? We have had trouble being in touch that way.

All best,



Scott Lamlein


Dare to say it out loud?

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel, at home

I’m sure you’ve thought it, but I have yet to hear too many people say it aloud: This might be the most beautiful Spring, ever!  Perhaps due to the very warm days we had in March, the flowers have been brighter, more vivid and colorful, the birds are more plentiful and vocal, and the greenery just plain intense. You know — when you look up at the tops of the trees, and the line that divides the green leaves from the blue sky almost hurts to look at?

It started with the super-yellow forsythia in mid-April (earlier than usual), when I noticed right off that we were experiencing something new. We have three flowering trees in our backyard, and for the first time, all three have bloomed simultaneously… yet another indicator that the clock is a little off, but with wildly positive results.

I’m certain that I’m not the first person to notice. But nobody talks about it. We’re all too eager and ready to find the negative things that surround us daily, but almost don’t believe it when something so simple fills our existence with beauty.

So, today, I dare you: Tell someone you know that it is “the best Spring ever,” and smile real big.  Let me know their reaction! It may be a very entertaining moment for both of you, and the best part is that the smile will last for a long time.

When nature wins

Today, I’m sharing a series of photos I took on a bike ride a few weeks back.  I call it “When Nature Wins.”  Along the Farmington River rail trail there is an old factory that is seemingly still in use, and there is a railroad siding that runs directly into the back of the building. Of course, the main track is long gone, replaced by the bike trail, so the remaining trestle and rail ties fully intertwined with Mother Nature is quite beautiful.  It is a great reminder that our Earth has so much inner power.