Celebrating Dads

Yesterday, of course, was Father’s Day, and I found myself caught in between being a Dad and being a son. It wasn’t a bad thing: I got a wonderful card from my wife and sons, and yes, I did partake in the classic Father’s Day avoidance of most responsibilities. I also took our youngest to visit my Dad and take him and my Mom out to lunch. As we talked and enjoyed each other’s company, I considered briefly how powerful it was to have three generations sit together.

In the end, though, I thought:  Should there really be a “day” for Dads?  I almost feel funny celebrating it, because it is just part of who I am.  Not every moment of fatherhoood is pretty, not every moment is easy, and sometimes it doesn’t feel like there has been a pretty or easy moment for a good while. But, these young people watch everything I do, listen to everything I say (even if they don’t show it occasionally!), and learn to be adults by my example.  It is awesome! Tough, complicated, yes – but I would not trade a second of it for something less fulfilling.