Weekend miscellania

Saturday listing of ongoing events…  My apologies for any repetition, but these are all dear to my heart:

  • Public release of a new website this week, by my company, North Forty Road Web Design. Check out www.flodellexteriors.com. Feel free to contact me if you have any website questions – I’m always glad to help!
  • Auditions for adults and children can be scheduled at any time for December Lessons and Carols and Spring 2011 Concert: www.musicatfirst.org
  • Sunday Worship at First Congregational, Bristol, CT is our second Sunday in “summer mode,” featuring our Summer Singers.  This was a great success last week, with several enthusiastic singers.  Are you a frustrated choral singer and would like to join in?  Join us in the choir loft at 9:00 to sing a simple anthem!

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