The right combination

I’m just putting the finishing touches on a new website that has been particularly rewarding to design.  Along with and (the largest playing pipe organ in the world!), the new site for Lawless & Associates Pipe Organ Co. falls right into that category of several of my own passions colliding – pipe organs, music, photography, web design.

Each of these sites has been a collaboration, which is also very rewarding for me. The bringing together of one person’s vision, another’s photos, yet another’s technical ideas, and finally the “pulling together” of all the concepts into something cohesive… all of these puzzle pieces snap together to make a remarkable piece of web real estate!

One thought on “The right combination

  1. Scott,

    Your mention of the Wanamaker organ reminded me of a story about my father…I asked my mother to recount it, so here goes: “Dad was still in the US Navy, recuperating from a very serious illness, but was released from the naval hospital to play a recital on the Wanamaker organ on Good Friday. He was still in uniform (he had not yet been discharged) and took 2 other sailors with him to pull out the stops. The night before, he was in the store after it closed to practice for the next day. I’m not absolutely sure what the piece was that required using the 32 foot pedals (or was it 64 foot?). It might have been the Good Friday Spell from Parsifal. Anyway the nightwatchman who was walking around the perfume counters down below hollered up to Dad “Sailor, you’re breaking all the Chanel no.5! Cut it out!”

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